Walking On The Moon: Predicting The Winning Lottery Numbers Is Easier

Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon.

Who could have predicted man would eventually walk on the moon?

With the passing of Neil Armstrong in 2012 - the first man to bounce down on the lunar surface in 1969 - we remembered that this unlikely event came true.

But most predictions are unpredictable.

Some people are confused when I tell them I can predict lotto winnings with my LottoPredict chart.

Because I've always said no-one can predict a win. Yet I tell you that this remarkable system is a winning prediction machine!

What's going on?

Here's the skinny on it...

I developed LottoPredict to work in the same way that the Silver Lotto System does. Removing the bad numbers, leaving the good.

That means removing the bad weeks you shouldn't play, leaving the good ones you should. But as you now know, no-one in this marvelous world of ours can predict anything.

Even the horoscope and weather guys get it wrong most times.

So how do I do it so successfully?

Simple. By using the same principles I use for the Silver Lotto System, my LottoPredict gives you a selection of times that it will work most effectively. Giving you your best moon shot.

Many times it jumps up your winning chances (with the Silver Lotto PRO System) to as high as 98%.

So I'm wrong only 2% of the time.

Truly. That little.

The combination of the right week of play, LottoPredict and the Silver Lotto System numbers work together to get a great result. 

If you've got the Silver Lotto System already, then you only need to subscribe to LottoPredict.

At the moment it's a tiny $6.60 a month... a crazy price for the huge benefits.