Hamburgers And Hammocks: How To Organize This Week For A Lottery Win

Life is always better when you have a hammock on a tropical beach.

Maybe you didn't get the results you wanted in your last game.

As I've often said, persistence pays. So you need to get back up on your horse again for the next one.

Let's assume you don't have the Silver Lotto System yet (if you do, zip to the next set of instructions, "So you already have the Silver Lotto System?").

Here's what you need to do comfortably to get ready for the next game:

Today: Right now, buy the Silver Lotto System. It comes to you instantly, so there's no time delay. Take a coffee and read quickly through the site to get an idea of what you need to do. There are just a few pages only at this stage, so it's pretty easy.

Tomorrow: During the day, visit your local lottery shop and grab a handful of coupons for the game you play. You'll need about a dozen of them. After work, sit down at your kitchen table with your tickets. Start filling them out according to the instructions. Takes about 30 minutes. But the good thing is that you never have to do it again.

Next day: Decide how much you want to spend, and buy your tickets at the store. Keep your prefilled Silver Lotto System coupons for the next game.

Draw Day: You know what to do here! Watch the draw on tv, and make sure you get your tickets checked by the store machine as a double check. Got my fingers crossed for you.

You already have the Silver Lotto System?

Then get a LottoPredict subscription. That will provide the biggest boost to your winning odds with the Silver Lotto System.

All you do is check out the LottoPredict site and see if your game is there.

If it is, then decide if you can afford the equivalent of a hamburger a month for your membership. That's right - membership is less than $6.60 a month... the biggest bargain on the internet!

If not, then have a look at the PRO Custom Profiles - your game might be there.

What a week it's going to be for you...

If I were you, I'd practice swinging in a hammock with a fan heater turned on, and listening to the sound of crashing waves and exotic birds from your sound system.

Tropical paradise - here you come!


If you want to start winning the lottery now, then get my System today for only $39.95. Your next step is to use LottoPredict to speed up your win rate, and that's just $6.60/month. Get them together here.

Got those already? Then just add PRO for the fastest way to win and you're set.