TACTICS: Improve Your Lottery Winning Odds By Doing This One Simple Thing

How these traffic lights proved my point.

A while back I spent 3 days in Thailand. It was for a standard dental procedure that the Thais do so well.

And on the first day I had the afternoon free before the operation the following day.

So I booked a private car, a tour guide and a driver, and we all went off to see some elephants and crocodiles an hour's drive away at Samphran.

It was a great show, but one thing caught my attention on the way out of the park.

A set of traffic lights.

Let's go back a few months to the photo above.

It's a stock photo - one I buy through an agency. And it appealed to me at the time because it illustrated my article here very well.

But I had no knowledge of where and why such a gigantic cluster of lights could be in one place. Must be one enormous road link... I'd hate to be driving round those roads.

Turns out it wasn't on a road after all - but in a park. My park!

Here it is, my photo this time.

The photo I took at the elephant park in Thailand.

The coincidence was even more amazing than the elephants accurately kicking soccer balls into a goal.

Now, what are the chances of me finding those lights sitting at home?

Pretty remote. I had to get out there - halfway round the world in my case.

It's exactly the same with winning the lottery.

The MORE you increase everything... play more games and buy more tickets... the better your winning odds. When you do that, events that seems amazing will become commonplace.

It sounds like a simple formula, but it is a main part of how my System works. To win more, play more.

You MUST increase your range of games and tickets in order to improve your winning chances.