REVEAL: Why It's Taken Me Over A Year To Show You This Unsmiling Photo

A photo of me smiling is quite hard to obtain. See more car photos here.

A few minutes ago I was sitting down to start my weekly LottoPredict predictions.

When it suddenly dawned on me.

I have been blabbing to you for close to a year and a half about my 'latest' car. Actually, 22 different times - according to my blog article count.

And in that time I have only shown one distant picture of it.

I simply forgot. My, how time flies.

I called out to my wife: "Will you take a picture of me with the Bentley?"

She stopped what she was doing, and after a couple of minutes I had a quick picture on my iPhone.

Only problem - she didn't tell me when to smile.

So there's yet another photo of me squinting in the sun. The other frownie was me standing by my Aston Martin.

It's a stunning car to look at, and I'm very proud of it. Because it's what you can accomplish too with a lottery win and some determination!

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