AIMING: The Easy 1-2-3 Steps That Will Kickstart Your Lottery Fortune

Another crazy: Alexandra Chaar goes a little crazy with her $1,000,000 Florida Lottery win.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I have some unconventional viewpoints.

In other words, I'm a little crazy.

But hey, you wouldn't know it. I don't wear a bandana, or sport a handlebar mustache, or go round in bare feet.

You wouldn't think I was mentally different to anyone else if you saw me on a street corner.

But under the surface I'm a little bit wacko, a bit left of center. Otherwise why would I be selling a lottery system instead of contributing in other ways to the world as a scientist, doctor or inventor?

One of my long-held beliefs - that is necessary for success - is to aim high for whatever you want.

You know the old story - shoot for the moon.
Even if you miss, you get a few hundred yards
further than you expected.

But the secret is to make the goal fit YOU... not what your parents wanted of you, not what the media says you should follow.

My goals aren't the ordinary ones like buying a sensible mid-range 4-door sedan that I'll keep forever. Or a having comfortable retirement in a modest 3 bed home in the burbs.

Is this is what retirement should be like?

My aim has always been to break out of the ordinary.

So, I have a large 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath contemporary home on four levels - just for the two of us. It is an architectural design I've not seen anywhere else in the world.

Giant 16 ft windows fully cover BOTH sides of our huge 40 ft long living area. The view over our harbor is spectacular.

My office is the size of a small lounge. (In fact it was the second downstairs lounge which I swiftly grabbed off my wife when we bought the home in 2003).

And my car collection... just look here to see some of the cars I have owned.

"Have you finished boasting Ken?" you might be saying.

Look, I'm telling you about my successes because I want to you to realize this...

If you don't set your goals and ambitions high like me, you'll never climb out of the rut you're in now.

And you'll never win lotto, because doing that takes more than luck. To achieve your goals, you need different qualities than the rest of the world:

You need real persistence coupled with a strong focus.

You need the kind of determination and constant enthusiasm that keeps you plugging along through the bad times.

We've all had rough patches in our lives. And mine have probably been worse than yours.

The difference has been how you react and pick yourself up again. That is key.

You need a strong aim and a constant ambition. That's the real secret. It means:

1. Play regularly and often.
2. NEVER give up.
3. Continue to dream bold dreams.

It's the start of a new week. Why not set your targets and make this week THE one for your lottery wins!