A Different Kind Of Scratcher! And How We Fixed The Pesky Problem

Some cats are quite intelligent, as this photo shows. Not ours!

"Oh, we get many of these back again," said the furniture repair guy, after inspecting the scratches and quoting us $1,000 to fix our leather lounge suite.

When a cat attacks your furniture, he said, it often happens again - no matter what you try and do to stop it.

For that reason we've kept our old furniture for far longer than we should.

All because of our lovable Birman cat - the same breed as the one taking the photo above.

Here's how the experience changed my life.

It started several years ago when our pet started sharpening her claws on our leather lounge suite. This was a shock, after nearly 10 years of not scratching anything!

So we were justifiably upset.

It took a couple of years to get it repaired because we hoped she would stop. We tried everything, from sprays to nagging. But she continued.

What could possibly be more damaging than a cat scratching your sofa!

So the repair cost a cool thousand dollars for the three pieces. And there was no guarantee that was the end of it.

But we were lucky. She did. After a year had passed without a major incident, I bit the bullet and bought a new set of furniture.

We gave the old suite - now repaired and looking nice - away to our local church.

And so far, no problem!

What had stopped me was fear... fear of the unknown. Fear of what might happen had transfixed me, stopped me enjoying new furniture and a new lifestyle.

Once I overcame the fear and determined to press on with my life, hope opened up. It's the same with buying my lottery system.

You might worry that it won't work, that your investment will be wasted (as small as your price is, it won't be as much as the $23,000 I had to spend for new furniture!)

The answer is simple. To remove that fear you need to be hands-on.

We blocked off our lounge to our cat.

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Just like restricting the scratching cat from the room, it stops you spending wasted money on games that don't work.

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