How To Eat An Elephant In 30 Minutes

My wife's elephant collection.

My wife doesn't like the 'eat an elephant' saying, because she collects elephants.

We have a display in our kitchen, and anyone in the family who visits an elephant-based country knows to bring a small model back for her.

Her conditions: it has to have the trunk raised. That's a good luck attitude. And it has to be hand carved, not mass produced, and not doing any crazy tricks like standing on one leg.

She is very sensitive to the plight of these magnificent creatures.

When I was in Thailand a few weeks back, I bought one for her at the elephant park. I paid 100 baht (about $3), and it's here in the photo above, fourth from the right.

Back to the saying. We all know it: How do you eat an elephant?

Answer: one bite at a time.

This is what it means: A big task is more easily done when you attack a bit at a time. And it's the same with starting my system and playing the lottery.

To some people it might seem that 30 minutes to figure out the system and transfer it to the tickets is a big deal.

Perhaps you don't like numbers. Maybe you hope there is a better way where you don't have to do it yourself (there is:

But it really is simple and quick if you take it a step at a time.

A display at the Thai Elephant Park.

Here's how you can make the task easier:

1. When you fill out your tickets. My manual spells out how to fill in your lottery tickets from the Profile sheet. It really is just putting numbers in boxes. No adding, calculating or anything complex. But some of you might jump forward a few pages and get dispirited at the 30 minute's work you need to do.

Don't let it get you down... it is simply one step at a time, and in a few minutes you'll be through it and finished. The good thing? You won't have to fill out your tickets ever again. It's worth making the 30 minute sacrifice for just this one time!

2. When you play your game. Everyone expects to win straight away, And it sometimes happens. But what is more usual is that a process of wins gradually all add up over time. And there's always the expectation of a Big Win to look forward to.

When people wonder how I manage to get large regular winnings, I tell them this is how...

3. ...By using the right tools. You start off with the Silver Lotto System. This is the main system, and it is all you really need. But if you want to speed up the odds, then you add in the Lotto-80 System so you know WHEN to play each game, or not. And if you really want to power up your strategy by playing with accuracy each week, then you use the PRO Custom Profiles.

Each of these steps is easy in itself. Just take your time and bite a small chunk off each time. (Sorry dear!)