POWER REWARDS: What I Use Every Day To Get Exactly What I Want

I'm going to share something personal with you. The photo above is a picture of my glass-top desk. I've just taken the picture and it's night here - so the image is not that great.

The photo shows a model of an Aston Martin DB9 sitting underneath one of the three 24" Apple monitors.

This car is my next goal.

Now, it's a big goal because I don't have room for another car in my garage. I need another space, and we don't really have the grounds to add one on.

So the goal is growing bigger even before I start.

But I'm not worried. I know from experience that whatever I want, I get. The car will appear, and so will the garage.

Now - why do I have the model sitting there?

For that, I'm going to refer you to another article which explains it perfectly... something I wrote early in the year.

You can read it here: How I Wish-And-Win My Dream Cars.

And of course it applies to winning the lottery too.

Read it - the article will tell you exactly how.