STRATEGY: How Not To Get Stuck In The Past

The weekend is coming up fast - are you prepared?

1) Are you playing the lotto game with the smallest number of balls and numbers for best results?
2) Are you buying as many tickets as you can afford?
3) Are you using the Lotto-80 System to stop wasting your tickets on dud games?

And most importantly, do you realize that past results are no indicator of the future?

For example, I get prizes in every game I play. Now, you would think that I would run out after a while. But no, my 5 year-old Profiles are producing winners, game after game.

Bryce has a similar story:

Ken, I was skeptical about your system and went back and checked out my numbers for the last 2 years with my profile list, and I could only get a few wins with the biggest $230. But I went ahead anyway and would you believe it??? I won $7600!!! after 5 weeks with these numbers. (I changed a couple first, but it was mainly the same ones according to your system). So I'm sending you $76 as a reward for a great game plan!
- Bryce Vernon (bryce********

Bryce, thanks for the money, but you've shown the best part of the Silver Lotto System - persistence.

And always look forward, not back.

Back-testing may give good results, but don't get stuck in the past... the future is the best place to win!