The 3 Lottery Winning Steps That Will Start Changing Your Life

Even winning small prizes like this Georgia Lottery winner is part of a goal. Photo

Ever been jealous of people who seem to know what they want? They always have a goal, are always doing something interesting.

They are quite rare. Lots of folk have no idea of where they're heading in life.

But you do.

How can I say that? After all, you've read all my personal stuff in these posts and you know a lot more about me than I do about you.

Well here's how...

Because you're reading this article. And you might have some of my products.

So I can tell that your goal is to win the lottery.

See how simple it was?

All you want to do is win the lottery.

So your goal for winning is all ready to go. You might have other goals, and that's fine.

Because you can have goals for spending your winnings, but that's not the same as getting the first goal sorted out.

That is to win a large lottery prize.

OK, now that you know your goal, how will you achieve it?

By the simple steps I've told you about in many past articles:

#1. Choose your game and stick to it. When you flit from game to game, your concentration is lost. That makes you less effective. Choose the best game for you, and play it constantly.

#2. Make sure you use all the resources available to win it. For example, if you want to make every week count, you need my supercheap LottoPredict.

#3. Keep playing! This is part of my RFA...Relentless Focused Action policy - that will see you through when the prizes don't seem to be falling into place. Remember, despite the advantage that my Silver Lotto System gives you, the lottery is still a game of chance. No-one can predict when you'll win. You need to keep firing away regardless.