THE SECRET: How I Win Big By Eating My Own Dog Food


Straight talk ahead! Here's what started it:

"Ken, how come you get all these winning tickets every week and I don't? Whats your secret do you have one apart from your system? I'm playing 10 tickets every week and getting one or two wins (one was $370 a month back) but nowere near yours? I'd really like you to write and tell me. Strat."

It's really simple. I eat my own dogfood.

For those of you old enough to remember back in the good 'ol days of the interweb, it was a saying that Google possibly started.

It means they use what they produce. They test it on themselves.

Same with me. I ALWAYS use my own System.

And in EXACTLY the way I tell you to use it.

- I play as many tickets as I can afford.
- I play every week.

I'm lucky enough to be able to buy a lot of tickets each game. And lucky enough to play each game without having to budget.

In short, I'm doing what I recommend you should do in my Silver Lotto System.

Because it plain-out WORKS!

As little as 10 tickets will work. I've known many players to win good prizes using small numbers because my Silver Lotto System is designed to make the most of EVERY small opportunity in the lottery game.

But we all want stuff fast. We're all in a hurry. And the only way to do that is to speed up your own responses.

So, play more, frequently.

You do that best by first adding LottoPredict so you don't waste your tickets on the wrong times.

Then you can get a PRO Custom Profile so you can play the games that LottoPredict says are not advised that week. Make every week count.

Now go get the can opener and start eating!