IT'S THE TIMING: When Should You Buy Your Lottery Tickets: Early, Or On The Day?

Avoid peak times when you may encounter queues like these Mega Millions buyers.

When do you buy your tickets for the next game? Some players buy early in the week. Their reasoning is that:

  • the task is out of the way
  • they won't get sidetracked
  • they can relax until the draw

Others will buy on the day as close to the draw closing time as possible. It adds to the excitement.

The fact is, you won't make any difference to your win rate or odds by buying early or late. It won't affect anything about the tickets or the draw.

So what do I recommend?

Buy late. You may run a risk of the weather holding you up, or a last-minute glitch stopping you getting down to the store, but these are pretty rare.

The advantage is buying late is the same reason that banks take days to transfer your money... they make money by using it right up to the last moment.

So you also gain by keeping your own funds available until the last minute.

That way, if you are on a budget (as we all are!), and you have an emergency and need the lottery investment to pay for it, you've got the funds to see you through.

One downside - sometimes in a big draw everyone else will be buying late too. Don't cut it too thin!