SHOWTIME: Why I Displayed The Prices Of My Cars Last Week

A while ago I put the prices I paid for my cars on my Silver Lotto System website (above, but it's changed since then).

They're in New Zealand dollars, which are slightly more than US dollars, but it's still a lot. You can see the prices at the bottom lefthand corner of the photos.

One car cost as much as I earned in a JOB in total for 5 years, way back when I didn't realize the enormous power of my system.

Why did I brag this way? The reason is simple.

People want to deal with someone who is successful.

A picture of me in front of my 1989 rusty Ford Fiesta (if I had one) is not going to make it. Nobody wants to deal with an unproven loser.

I enjoy showing off my stuff to the world, because that's what winning is all about.

When you buy a lottery system, you expect to see results. So I show you mine too - as well as hundreds of other winners - at the testimonial pages.

I could also show the many charities I give to - but somehow that's not quite the same as a gleaming supercar in a hilltop mansion driveway.

So while it seems a little crass to be showing off my toys to you when maybe you are struggling to make ends meet, don't take it that way.

I want to show you what's ultimately possible... if you FOLLOW my directions.

Yes, I said Follow.

Because so many people want to adapt their own strategy.

  • They play less tickets, even when they can afford more.
  • They play the major games when in reality the smaller jackpot games have the better odds.

And they are missing out.

If you want to win, it's very important to follow someone successful. This copycat approach has worked in every field round the world, and it works here for you too.