Simple Does It - How My Quest For An Easier Product Will Help You

The Mac design always looks good in a simple environment.

I'm in the process of simplifying my Silver Lotto System to use, and it's a lot of fun - and challenge.

I was taken with the late Steve Jobs attitude to his products. The pursuit of simplicity was the key to everything the company did, and it turned Apple into the most valuable company on earth.

I changed from the PC to the Mac a couple of years back, and enjoy the quality that simplicity brings. So I decided to bring that same attitude to my own products.

It's always good to see your product in a new light. I didn't realize how complex they looked to others, so now I'm working on making them easier to understand.

Don't worry, there won't be any changes. They still work as well as ever.

I'm just changing the way they are presented by cleaning up some websites and grouping parts together.

In the meantime, here's a quick and simple outline for what you need to accelerate your winning odds - step by step - in much the same way I'll be simplifying them:

Step #1. Buy the Silver Lotto System. This is the basic manual, and you need it for everything that follows. That's because it explains how to set out your tickets from all the Profiles, and you need it as a reference.

Step #2. Option - Custom Profiles. These are the System numbers already made up for you, in case you can't be bothered working them out yourself. Note these are NOT the 4 PRO Custom Profiles. The ordinary Custom Profiles are just a convenient way to speed up your setup.

Step #3. Get a Lotto-80 membership. This is the heavy hitter of my system - and also the cheapest at less than $8 a month. It tells you when you should play, and when you should not. It covers 153 games round the world, so you'll usually find yours there.

Step#4. Add the PRO Custom Profiles. These are 4 sheets of filled out Profiles, ready to transfer across to your tickets in a once-only step. Then you use each one as recommended in the Lotto-80 site. These are slightly dearer because they are hand-done, but they will rocket your winning odds enormously. I've gotten a 98% win rate from these.

Together, all these products make your Silver Lotto life so simple and powerful. The more you have, the better your chances. And I hope it's easier now you understand how they all work together.

Just remember you need the Silver Lotto manual for everything. It's the first thing you buy.

If you want everything in one spot AND a big discount, visit the PRO site here: