The Lotto Cluster Effect: How To Win Prizes With Amazing Multi Number Sequences


The store hums around me as people buy, and pass in and out the doorway.

The lotto checker gives a beep as I pass my tickets under the infrared reader - the same beep whether I win or not. I smile to myself... I wonder how many of these folk realize I'm winning all these tickets?

I'll tell you why I check my numbers at the lottery store myself.

It's easier to do because I'm not tying up the staff for 5 minutes each time.

But the real reason is that over the years, by checking the tickets myself, I have found a consistent pattern. And this means I can adapt the winning pattern to improve my odds.

I have found many patterns, but the main one has been one I've mentioned before. I call it the Cluster Effect. That's when a number of winning tickets are often clustered together in one area of my ticket sequence.

To check this effect consistently, I make sure that I have all the tickets in order. That means when I originally filled them out - some years ago now in some cases - I make sure they are in the order I filled them in.

That means I can identify any winning cluster patterns.

There can be as many as 2 - 6 tickets in this cluster pattern. Today there were 9 winning tickets and 6 bonus tickets. I've had as many as 22 in one game.

And it proves one thing...

The chance of multi-wins is incredibly high with my System.

How can you benefit from it? The PRO Custom Profiles are the ones that pull in the greatest number of success patterns.

So going PRO is going to benefit you the most. These are 4 sheets of filled out Profiles, ready to transfer across to your tickets in a once-only step.

Then you use each one as recommended in the LottoPredict chart. PRO is slightly dearer because they are hand-done, but they will rocket your winning odds enormously. I've gotten a 98% win rate from PRO.