REVEALED: How Woman Winner From Distant Outback Orders Lottery Tickets Hassle-Free

A few days ago I talked about ordering at your local lottery store instead of online sales.

I made the point that it was harder - and sometimes impossible - to use the Silver Lotto System online - unless you wanted to keep setting up the system each time.

However some games CAN be ordered online, and Cheryl wrote to explain how she does this for her Australian lottery game.

If your game works the same way, you might be able to save some gas and time!

Here's what she does. And also take a look at her success in the testimonial below it:

"I use online because I am in an area where it is a long way to the nearest town and shops. It suits me fine.

I have never had problems in placing entries for at least 120 lines at a time and more if it suits me. When you advise which Pro Lotto to use for each game I simply keep a written record of the games played for each lotto entry in each category, 1,2,3,4 - and Draw number for each game, e.g. Draw Number ***** Australian Lotto (Mon, Wed or Friday) #1, #2, #3,#4.

If you recommend Aust Lotto - Monday #4, I simply go to the computer online and call up previous Draw number for a Monday #4 and press the key to reorder it for the current date. PRESTO all done.

If I wish to place less numbers in a game than on a previous draw I simply call up the total 120 and delete games to number required. I enter each draw on the day it is drawn and, as with your written tickets, all the work is done for me by the computer. As with your written tickets, it is the same on the computer - only a one off entry for any #1 #2#3 #4.

I tested it out and on one occasion I put in 360 lines on one lotto game and could have added more if I wished.

I never have to wait in line at the lotto shop. I am in complete control of my lotto entries. I am in my 70's so if I can do this so can anyone else. (As far as having my money in my pocket, I just deposit the exact amount I want to use each time - online- and spend only what I wish for each time)."