TREND: I Break A Personal Lottery Record - The Most Ticket Wins For Any Single Game

This selection breaks my previous records for the number of winning tickets in one game.

Just half an hour ago I picked up the largest selection of wins I've ever had in the local Big Wednesday game.

As you'll see from the photo above I just took, it was a total of 15 tickets and 7 bonus tickets - 22 prizes in all.

The total amount of $384 was not not high... they were a selection of $12 and $36 wins... but the exciting part was this:

My Silver Lotto System delivers multiple prizes, no question. But the most powerful part of of this winning selection is the chance that ANY of these tickets could have been a major prize.

The point I make with my system is that even getting a winning ticket or bonus is incredibly difficult without my system.

Getting any prize is a great step forward.

But getting multiple prizes is a true indicator of the success of the system. You're missing out every time you play without my system.


Dear Ken,
Once again I got another prize using the LottoPredict. This time it was all up $27,000.00 from 3 tickets over the last month and I cant thank you enough for the opportunity to get winning tickets all the time. Deidre S.


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