EXPOSED: The Internet Won't Help You Get Rich Winning The Lottery

A handy device for protecting the iPad round the kitchen for about $20, demonstrated here.

The internet is very useful for many things. For example, I looked up a recipe for chicken breast and bacon for dinner tonight.

I propped my iPad open by our Smeg gas hob and the cutting board, and followed the instructions. In 5-7 minutes my creation went into the oven, and an hour later my wife and I were enjoying a delightful dinner.

I also have Siri on the iPad. So I can ask it, "What is 40 US dollars in Canadian dollars?" And it will answer. (It's almost dollar for dollar right now).

But if I try and find the winning lottery numbers for next week's game, it is as useless as any astrologer, horoscope or free lottery software program.

A search may bring up a number of lotto programs that all say they can help you win. But when it comes to this basic test, almost all fail.

The test I'm talking about is a list of previous winners.

Most other programs only have a handful.

Mine has hundreds, probably thousands. I've probably lost more testimonials than I have today as my computer crashed or I shifted house or simply accidentally deleted them.

No matter how good the internet is for cooking or finance, it won't help you win the lottery.

Just thought I'd update you since my last communication - Ken I have continued to win at EACH and EVERY draw I entered since purchasing your system. Again I won $500.00 this last Saturday, it's like having a part time job or something!!! To reiterate, I have won EACH and EVERY draw I entered.
Yours truly, Diane


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