LEADING: How You Can Follow Apple And Starbucks To Easy Lottery Success

Author Frans Johansson being interviewed. He reveals the principle that makes us play the lottery better.

Winning companies do the same thing as Silver Lotto players, and that's why they succeed.

This is according to a new book out. But of course, the author doesn't yet realize about the connection between us.

Author Frans Johansson explains in this brief interview with Business Insider about why companies succeed.

And it's remarkably similar to the way my Silver Lotto System works.

Frans was interviewed by Business Insider editor Aimee Groth.

Frans says that companies like Wikipedia, Apple and Starbucks win because they are constantly making more bets than companies who don't.

We're not talking lottery bets of course, but the principle is exactly the same.

They are starting 10 projects - but only expect one to succeed.

Starbucks are constantly testing new products.

Without doing the whole 10, they won't know which one will win.

Just like the Silver Lotto System. We play more times with more tickets than the average guy. That's how we're able to come home with a stack of winning tickets in our back pocket each time.

Watch the video

According to Johansson, it's only until you TRY multiple times that you will succeed.

Take a look at the interview and particularly at 1:50. But to save time - because I've told you want you want to know already - Play more, with more tickets.

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