The Strange Habits Of Successful Lottery Winners

I was chatting to my local lotto store lady, asking her how the current big draw was selling.

"You know," she said, as she flipped my tickets through the machine, "we get more people coming in for the big draws, but they don't pay more for their tickets."

The large draw attract more players, but these people still only spend $5 or $10 a draw.

The reason?

For many of them it's a special occasion - but not special enough to blast out with some real ticket power.

The successful people in life tell you to find out what the crowds are doing.

Then do the opposite.

For some things this true, and the lottery is one of them.

Here's an example: most players are attracted by the big jackpot numbers.

But the more players involved, the greater the chance of the prize being shared by other winners.

You only need to go back to this post on multiple winners to see it can happen.

The answer?

Keep playing the small jackpots with the same intensity as the large ones.

Consistency and frequency will make you the real winner!

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