POCKET-PAT: Check Your Tickets Now For This Essential Feature That Could Kill Your Winnings

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Here's an essential reminder. If you've been using your Silver Lotto System for a while, there's one important feature you should check right now.

It's important because if you're not doing it correctly, it could cost you a win. Or worse, you may risk having your tickets rejected by the lottery store at the time when you don't have time to redo them.

Do this: Check your tickets if your game has changed its number or ball numbers. That's because sometimes they take the opportunity to change details without telling you.

And the important change could be the way you are required to mark your tickets.

Many games require you to mark your selection with a cross in the square. Others will require a tick.

Some will require a black mark, so make sure you are not using a light blue ballpoint color or pencil.

Of all the essential tips for filling your tickets this is the most important - everything you win depends on getting it right.

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