How To Save Over 75% And Years Of Waiting To Win When You Buy Your Lottery Tickets


These two friends played for a staggering 25 years before winning $14 million on the New York Mega Millions. Photo

Johan S. emailed me recently and said: "Ken, someone in the advertising business once said that half his money was being wasted, but he didn't know which half! I feel the same about playing the lottery. How do I know if if I'm spending my ticket money effectively? Which half am I wasting?"

Johan, you won't know if you just play the Silver Lotto System by itself.

But I have the answer and it's quite simple.

Every day I see players throwing money away. I stand behind them in the lotto store queue as they ask for a few dollars of quick picks.

I don't get too worried about these players. They are either amateurs or people who play solely for fun.

The ones that worry me are the Silverites who play regularly and don't use my LottoPredict.

In effect they throwing their money away, wasting up to 75% or more because they don't know whether the game will get the best from their lotto ticket investment when they play.

Jose Salmon could have saved years of spending by using LottoPredict. It took him 12 years to win $5.3 million. STORY

A while back I told the story of a restaurant owner who spent hundreds of dollars a week playing the lottery. It took him a staggering 12 years to realise a jackpot.

In between he won some smaller prizes, but just imagine what his outlay could have been if he used LottoPredict. He could have saved at least 75% of the hundreds of thousands of dollars he spent over those years.

Do you want to throw your money away? Then just keep playing week after week and HOPE that next week will hit the jackpot for you.

Have you ever looked at the winning numbers for a week and found they were so far out from your Silver Lotto System numbers that it was a waste of time?

These are the days when LottoPredict could have helped you.

dear Ken,

Once again I got another prize using the lottopredict. This time it was all up $27,000.00 from 3 tickets over the last month and I cant thank you enough for the opportunity to get winning tickets all the time. 

Deidre S.