MONEY IN THE BANK: The Three Essentials That Power Up Your Lottery Game

Luck can be managed, and the outcome could be the same as the winners of this Missouri Powerball win of $293 million.

Successful players only need to know a few skills to get them to the top. You can lose your shirt, but with these few traits in place you can succeed again. I'll tell you in a minute the main one I use. They are:

  • Persistence 
  • Positivity 
  • Percentage

#1. Persistence pays off.

Persistence is the single most important trait any player can develop - and in any other part of life too. My gardener has turned up for work every two weeks, regular as clockwork, for many years. Sometimes he hasn't completed a part I wanted done.

But I've persisted in telling him, and he's persisted in returning to do it, and so together we've maintained a great surrounding for my home.

I know a lot of failures... people who just haven't won at the level they want. And their problem is that they give up too soon. When they come up against an obstacle, they might take another attempt or two, then give up.

The most frequent winners are those who PERSIST. I had a week recently when I didn't win a single cent. It upset me, because too many of those and I'd have to downgrade my win rating from 98% to a lower figure.

So I was temporarily depressed. The thing that kept me going was #3... percentages. So I played again and the following game I was back on track again with a handful of winning tickets. If I had given up at that point I never would have known success. Persistence pays off

#2. Staying Positive

Staying positive keeps you playing. And that's the most important part of winning lotto - taking part! Without your "entrance ticket" - the tickets you buy to get into the game - you don't even get to the starting grid.

By being positive, you energize the players around you. Lotto is not a solitary game... it is meant to be enjoyed by many people. So gather everyone together round the tv when the game is drawn, and make a social occasion of it.

Notice how the reinforcing effect is keeping you interested, and PLAYING.

Remember that a percentage of your play money goes to worthy causes. Clubs, charities, volunteer organizations... they all benefit by your generosity. And if you believe in karma - the attitude that what you give out will always come back manyfold, then that's your reward.

#3. Increase The Percentage

Luck is just a percentage. It means that the more you do... the more action steps you take towards winning... the more you'll succeed.

The more games you can play, the more chances you'll have to be successful.

When I first started my Silver Lotto System, I played 10 tickets a game. I got terrific results, wins in many games, but not at the level I wanted.

Then I found as I increased the number of tickets, the numbers of winnings increased also. Now it's up to 98% win rate... that means almost every game produces a winner or more for me.

All because I increased the percentage of times and games I played.

With all these 3 traits you can be successful in the lottery and in life.

My favorite is Persistence.... everything I've succeeded in is because of this personality trait. When you're positive, play more and persist - you can laugh all the way to the bank!