YIKES: Why My Daughter Happily Flies On The Most Dangerous Airline

Hopefully this will not happen to my daughter's plane.

My daughter will be visiting us from overseas in a week or two. And she has the choice of two airlines for the international flight.

One airline is plagued with problems. It has engineering issues, faulty parts, and even though it hasn't crashed yet, the possibilities are there.

The other has a flawless safety record and friendly staff.

They are always on time and you can count any problems over the past few years on the fingers of one hand.

Logic says that my daughter will travel on the safe airline. Yet she has chosen the risky one.


Easy answer - price.

The problem airline is cheaper by 25% or more. And because it actually hasn't crashed yet after decades of operation, she decided to take this risk each time she comes over here.

Many years ago I discovered that - like her - most people will buy on price alone.

While walking through a chain store yesterday I saw a 43" LCD television advertised for $499.

That's an amazing price considering I just spent $2000 for my office tv of a similar size, shown in this photo.

The difference was quality, but most people don't really worry about that.

So when I was reviewing my Silver Lotto System price, I thought about why people bought.

And when I found it was price related, I decided to make it the lowest it could possibly be.

And that's what I did. I reduced the Silver Lotto System from $97 to just $39.95/yr.

And that's the lowest I can go. It's the best price available.

Like the airlines, my products actually do what I say they do at both prices. But the low price allows more lottery players to start playing with certainty.