Playing The Guitar Is Fun - But Is It Like Winning The Lottery?

It was hard learning the guitar all those years ago. Cramps in my hands, sore fingers, raw fingertips.

And the sounds that came from that junk shop instrument... muffled notes, songs that sounded like no music ever played, chords with 6 wrong notes - that's one more than the number of fingers I had.

My mother later remarked to a family friend that I played the same songs over and over, and over again. I'm thinking it was a time of patience for her!

And yet, in a matter of weeks it all changed.

The notes became sharper, the songs more defined... people started recognising what I played.

Some tunes actually came out quite well too.

And a while later I joined bands and played in all kinds of venues, backing famous singers. I had arrived!

It's the same with most skills. A learning time followed by success.

The lottery is no different, except that sometimes you can be successful straight away.

There's no hard learning curve... just fill in a few tickets and you're on your way.

Even on the days when wins are few, there's always hope for the next game.

There's little pain and a lot of fun, because expectations are high.

No other pastime can bring such an enormous windfall of hundreds of millions from just a few dollars spent each time.

You can play my System and get a better than average result with as a little as $10 a game. Ideally you'll get better results than that if you save up $10 a game for 4 games and play them all at once.

I realise that many lottery players play just for fun. So if you're one of those people who are content to try a game every few weeks for relaxation, then you'll be just fine.

However, if you want to take your lottery game to a new level of winning, then you need to buy a set of new strings, tune up properly and play often!