WINNING NUMBERS: 10 Year-Old Girl Instantly Recognizes My Healthy Breakfast

My breakfast cereal was instantly recognized by our granddaughter.

Our granddaughter was staying with us for a couple of days, and this morning we were eating breakfast.

Now, like many kids of her generation, she has acquired tastes. And it's not like ours.

So, as she was eating her special sugarpuff cereal, she looked over and saw my bowl.

"Healthy!" she said with a smile as she scooped her sugar-laden flakes up.

How did she know? What was it about my breakfast that caused her to say that?

Maybe it was just the look of it. Maybe healthy has its own distinct appearance.

As I sat there eating, I wondered if there was a way to instantly identify correct lottery numbers in the same way (yes - I do think of the lottery at strange times in the day!)

But there isn't.

Every winning line is different, yet one $2 line can produce a $319 million prize, but another just a free bonus ticket.

It confirmed to me that the answer is not to try and identify individual winning lines, but patterns.

This is what LottoPredict and PRO do.

So when the game doesn't have a winning line in it you go another way round it.

For example, our weekend game just past had a sequence which included 1,2,3, and 7,8.

Before I played, my LottoPredict chart said I only had a 25% chance of winning anything with the standard Silver Lotto System.

So I used my PRO Custom Profile #2 and got 4 winning tickets.

Those strange number sequences paid off, but I wouldn't have known how to take advantage of them without the PRO Custom Profiles.

And my breakfast was not only yummy - but healthy! Just as my granddaughter predicted.


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