How To Improve Your Winning Odds in 1 Minute - And You Don't Need The Silver Lotto System

$293 million Powerball winner Mark Hill (center) is a professor of psychology who predicts how other winners will spend their fortune. But all we want to know is how to win! Photo: ABC

I love looking for patterns. Driving along the road, I'll often look at car number plates and I can figure out a lot about the driver.

For example, a personalized plate will tell you that the owner has up to $800 free to invest in their plates... that's how much one costs here.

Then there are the confident drivers, with registration plates like this one I saw this morning:


That's "Envy My V8" if you didn't get it.

I used the the same kind of eagle eyes to develop the Silver Lotto System and PRO Custom Profiles which you can buy. But I'm giving you this following winning tip for nothing.

It applies to any game, and you can use it whether you're playing my system or not. It's a way of predicting whether the next few games will be a good bet.

Here's how it works:

1. Check out the results of your last game. That means you go back to the winning numbers on the last day of play.

2. See if that game has unusual number combinations, like these two examples:

- Three consecutive numbers together like 1, 2, 3, or 15, 16, 17.

- Or numbers concentrated together at one end of a range, like 35, 36, 38 or 2, 4, 6, 8.

Remember, you're not using those numbers, just a similar pattern.

3. When it happens, then make sure you play the very NEXT game.

Your winning chances will improve because it's unlikely these unusual number pattern sets will appear again in the very NEXT game. That's if you have a spread of numbers over the range, and don't fall into the trap like these players.

Ideally you should use the Silver Lotto PRO Custom Profiles. It works so well because it removes these 'bad' number patterns in a very sophisticated way.

But you can use the same principles by following this unsophisticated method for now.

So by watching out for the strange number patterns like the ones above and playing the NEXT game, you should improve your winning chances considerably. But really you need the PRO Custom Profiles!

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