PRICEWISE: Suspicious 40 Year-Old Man Writes About Getting A Decent Lottery Win Before Retirement

David emailed me: "Ken, I'm suspicious about your prices. They are too low for lotto software that promises a huge win each time. BTW Ive got another 20 years before retirement and I want a winfall to help me through."

Hi David, first - it's not software. It's a simpler way of filling your tickets that is far more effective - because you need a pen to mark your tickets anyway. Anyway, you only fill them once in your lifetime.

And I don't ever promise huge wins either, though many of our Silverites have won big. See the testimonial below for an example.

Others and I get up to 98% win rate. I sometimes get up to a dozen winning tickets in each game... 22 has been my recent record.

As for the price, I thought very hard about what price to set it at all those years ago. And yes, it's been the same low price for many years.

I kept it low for two reasons:

1. To get my system into as many hands as possible. You see, the jackpot is almost impossible to win, even with my system. So I don't try and promote it that way. But there are hundreds of thousands of smaller prizes of only a few million dollars or so that would come in very handy to many players! That's what I aim for - helping players get lots of smaller, 'low hanging fruit' prizes.

2. To reduce the risk for players. Many people don't use my system as it should be played. They don't play with enough tickets. I think the system starts to pay for itself when you play $10-12 a time. And the more tickets the merrier. So parting out just $40 for a system is no risk at all - and it may return you millions... that is a pretty good deal!

A quick word: You WILL get prizes with my system, it's just a matter of persisting.

Nothing else comes even close to the high win rate my system enjoys.

Or the low price.

Try it out today, keep it and use it, and you'll be amazed at the results!


How To Start Winning At The Lowest Possible Price:
Buy the Silver Lotto System - your first step.
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3. Get the PRO Custom Profiles to help you get the highest odds from every game.

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