QUICK TIP: Do You Use This Shortcut That 99% Of Others Never Do?

I'm surprised at the number of people who type out their email address again and again.

I know this because 1 in 50 addresses are wrong, and they bounce back when I sent my information out.

And if you think 1:50 is not a bad ratio, let me tell you that I send A LOT of emails, and that number comes up pretty quick.

The answer is a text expander program. Google "text expander" to find a program that is best for your Windows or Mac computer.

What it does is exactly like the Silver Lotto System... a shortcut that gets you there fast. I use a Mac program called TextExpander.

You set an abbreviation in the expander, type in what you want it to expand. Every time you type in your abbreviation - boing - there is the full text.

For example, I use the abbreviation wgr and this expands to www.getresponse.com (the best autoresponder out there - I've used it for many years).

You can do this for addresses, emails, much more. I use it to answer common questions.

It's a fantastic timesaver.

Best of all, when you use it for your email address, it is never wrong again.

The Silver Lotto System is a lottery shortcut. When you use a small selection of tickets filled with the system's numbers, you will usually get a win 98% of the time - when you play by the instructions.

Life's too short to spend it doing things that are long winded. Speed up your life both online and with lotto using the right tools.