Happy New Year! Here's Your Winning Plan, And How To Share It With Us

Just one ticket is needed to get you a major prize.

I've just come back from collecting my prizes - 6 winning tickets this game and 2 bonus tickets.

How do I get such high win rates constantly?

1. I play often. I've now added another game bring it to two games a week. More play, more pay!

2. I play to the max. That means using a full Profile, though many people win with spending as little as $10 with my system.

3. I forget about non-winning tickets. That's simply a cost of being in the game. Winners ignore the negatives, and aim higher.

There's the secret. Combine all these ideas with my systems and your chances improve hugely.

If you want to get started winning the lottery, do this:

1. Buy the Silver Lotto System to get started. This is your starting point.

2. Buy LottoPredict to make your game more productive. Saves you money each game.

3. Get the PRO Custom Profiles to help you get the most from every game with Lotto-80.

Once you've won, here's something else you can do - share it with us!

Dear Ken,

You wonderful man and your splendid system got me $67,000 in the second prize (where I played only half the amount you suggested to me). The pro is what I used and it came up with the numbers easily and in record time! I spent $40 but it was well worth all the spare money I had to win this amazing amount. I have never won a lottery before I used yours.

Cathy K. (wibb*******yahoo.com)