STRATEGY: The Top 6 Posts That Lottery Winners Read Most

Adrian and Gillian Bayford won £148 million (US$235 million) in the UK Euromillions, putting them 516th on the Sunday Times Rich List. Photo.

There's more to winning than just putting a few tickets into a draw.

That's why the serious players search for more information to help them speed up their win rate.

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One of the ways you can find out more about how players win is by following what they read.

So here's the top 6 posts they have been looking at over the last month: 

  1. Are You One Of The Lucky 1-In-A-100 Lottery Hopefuls Who Will Win In 2012?
  2. Is Your Lottery Here?... The 43 Top Games With The Best Winning Chances
  3. Avoid These Lottery Numbers - Or This Is What Will Happen 
  4. How To Improve Your Winning Odds in 1 Minute - And You Don't Need The Silver Lotto System
  5. EASY WINNING: But You Still Have To Dig The Goldmine! 
  6. YOU ALREADY KNEW IT: Nobody Tells You That You Don't Suit Money




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