REAL LIFE SAGA: Trapped In A Swaying Gondola - My Terrifying Adventure

My ride - once the longest single-span aerial tramway in the world.

It was a hot, balmy afternoon in American Samoa many years ago. I had just finished speaking to a security guard.

He was sitting against the side of a building in the shade. As he answered my question, his eyes flickered, head dropped a little, and in mid- sentence, he fell asleep!

So after a while I went off in search of adventure. And in a few minutes I had found it.

A gondola ride, high above Pago Pago harbour... thin cables holding an eight-person enclosed cage.

The winch driver and pay office guy was the same person. He looked like he wanted to go home.

I didn't feel comfortable being the only person in the gondola on the last shift of the day. But, what the heck, life was meant to be fun and I was young back then.

As I traveled smoothly across the harbour, maybe a thousand feet above the pure blue sea, my bliss was about to come to an end.

The gondola cage stopped suddenly. So suddenly that it rocked violently from end to end.

My heart pounding, I looked around in a panic. What was happening?

I was mid way across the ride, with no way of getting out or back.

I was completely at the mercy of the bored operator. Had he stopped and gone home? Or fallen asleep like the security guard?

It was a long 2 minutes that seemed like hours before, with a slight jerk, the gondola started up again.

And after a short wait at the other end. - where I didn't dare exit, I was returned to the starting hut.

The operator said nothing about the stop, and nor did I.

So I never knew whether he was toying with me, or it was a special sightseeing moment that I hadn't been told about.

I had to put my complete trust in this man and the machinery, without the slightest idea of the outcome. It's no different when you buy my lottery system.

You're wondering whether it will leave you stranded without any way to recover, or whether I will pull the lever to give you winning success.

Well, I'm a lot more reliable than any gondola guy, that's for sure.

My System and I have been getting people across the lotto harbour since 1991.

It WILL be a journey you enjoy. The only uncertainty is exactly when you'll receive your win.

But I can assure you it won't be long before you can travel to your own island in comfort and without worry.

PS. The gondola closed in 1980. Then the cable fell into the harbor in the 2010 tropical cyclone Wilma and has not been repaired.

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