WINNING VS WORK: Here's The Advantages In Having A Job...

There's more advantages in winning the lottery than having a job, as Tom Naylor is finding out!

Shortly you'll be signing off from work, and joining the commuter rush to home.

Hey - hold up... stop a minute, right there.

Do you realize how many words in the first sentence are shocking examples of your real life... and how it has you hogtied to a job?

Here are the problem words:

"signing off" - Means you have no control over your life. You have signed your life's hours over to an organization, and will never get them back until you retire. Then the government decides how much to pay you! It never ends.

"work" - Means two things - one good, one bad. I haven't really worked for over 20 years. Sure, I do a kind of work each day, but it's pure enjoyment.

"joining" - Think of anyone you know with money... can you imagine them in a queue? I last stood in a queue at the theater a couple of weeks ago... before that, it's been years.

"commuter rush" - Both of these words cast a shiver down my spine. Being a helpless, hassled traveler, unable to set my path, having to scurry here and there to meet someone else's timetable - this is not how God intended us to live.

"to home" - Wouldn't it be great never have to leave home unless you wanted to? Since I do most of my shopping over the net, many times I only leave home to blow the cobwebs off my Mercedes or Bentley.

Sometimes begging gives you more freedom than a job.

There are few advantages in having a job. But there's a way out...

A lottery win will be the best thing that happens in your life.

As Silverite Jim Treckil told me, "I couldn't believe what a difference getting a little bit of money has done for our family."

He won $100,000, left his job as apartment doorman, and decided to start a home-based business.

"We were always arguing about money, the cost of gas and my one-hour commute to the city each day," he remembers.

"It was h*ll. The best thing that ever happened to me was getting that jackpot."

How would you feel if you never had to work again?

As I sit here in my sumptuous office overlooking the beautiful harbor dotted with ships, and counting my blessings, I can tell you  I'll NEVER go back to a life of toil and enslavement by JOB.

It's within your grasp too. You only have to reach out and grab it.

Buy your tickets for this week's lotto game and embrace the vision of a perfect life without a JOB.

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