Why You Need To Weigh Yourself Daily To Win The Lottery

Since I wrote what I consider to be the best diet book on the planet a few years back (now out of print), I have been weighing myself every day.

In a minute I'll tell you why this applies to winning the lottery, but for now let's go with the daily scales workout.

Each morning, before I have my glass of water (to banish dehydration from the night's sleep), or breakfast, I step on the scales in my ensuite bathroom.

If I like what I see, I can whistle happily in the shower. Life is good.

If I look a bit heavier, I reduce my breakfast servings a little. Maybe I'll resolve to get an extra 10 minutes of walking on my daily stroll.

Many experts say that you don't need to weigh daily. In fact, these guys say that because your weight fluctuates day to day, it's a useless step.

You'll just get depressed. (Or overjoyed, but that's less likely).

I disagree, and here's why.

Each time you step on the scale and watch the little needle swing round to determine whether you'll have a happy day or not, you're doing this...


You're keeping your weight in the forefront of your mind every day. And better - each time you weigh yourself, you create an action.

Because you'll take action to reduce the problem.

It's no different with the lottery.

You need to have a daily lottery activity that reinforces your desire for playing and winning.

Looking at the jackpot numbers won't do it. Reading other people's comments on a lottery forum won't either - most people don't have a positive mind and their comments are invariably negative.

You want to keep away from the doom-mongers, so forums are not a good move.

You want to read positive news.

Like the posts I make here every day.

Because I rarely write about problems. And if I do - it's usually how to solve them.

My articles are always positive and encouraging... in my world the glass is always half full.

And that's the same as weighing yourself daily - it acts as a memory jogger.

"Every day, in every way, you are getting better and better" said French pyschologist Emile Coue.

Say it to yourself. It works.