NO MORE EXCUSES: Just Make This Simple Mindset Change, Will You?

Here's what some doubters think when they come across my Silver Lotto System website for the first time...

"Hmm," they say, "that's a lot of testimonies, they could be made up."

"Does Ken REALLY own those supercars in the photos, or travel to the exotic lands that he tells us about?"

"OK, maybe I'll do the Millionaire Test, but I'll give a false email address - don't want more spam!"

"Maybe I'll buy the system... can always give it back."

"Didn't do so well with my $1 play this game. Guess it didn't work. I'll try another system."

Is this you?

 How about changing your mindset? Here's some answers to help you along:

- You thought the testimonials were made up.
No question - they're all genuine. In fact, one of the million dollar winners is a friend of mine. He would be real upset if I misquoted him. There are a lot of happy people out there who have won with my system and wanted to tell us about it.

- You wondered if I owned the cars shown there.
Sure do. I'm a big sports car fan, but I've had many luxury SUV's like Range Rover and Lexus as well. Just ask my friends at the dealerships :)

- You gave the email address you use for spam.
Don't worry, nobody spams you these days. It's illegal to do so and I never give out your address to anyone. And there's always the opt-out link at the bottom of every email. It's required by law in many countries. You might wonder why you get one of my newsletters each day when many business only send them out monthly. So did you see "Daily Lotto" in the newsletter signup? Most folk like to read my dailies anyway. I try and make them interesting with true stories about me and the lotto life. There's a lot of value in the thousands of articles I've written so far.

- You thought of giving your purchase back.
If you do decide the Silver Lotto System doesn't work for you (and it's usually because you weren't following my instructions), I'm here to help you. I can usually point you in the right direction so you can win more. Just contact me through my Help Desk.

- You played $1 a game once, as a test for the Silver Lotto System, and it didn't work.
No system on the planet works by spending a couple dollars a game for tickets. I believe you need to spend at least $10 a game for some success, more if you want to get better results. There's no free lunch, but my System gets you closer to winning than any other method I know.

Now all you have to do is commit. Decide that you're sick of doing the same thing this year as the last:

  • That your job sucks and you have no personal freedom.
  • That your car is costing you a bomb and you want a collection of sparkling brand new European autos that never break down.
  • That you can help out your struggling family and put them on the road to a great life at last.
  • That many people need your help and now you have the funds to assist them.
  • You can support needy causes, and give others purpose once they are free of the shackles of debt.

There's so much to be thankful for right now.

Ignore the doom and gloom in the media... the world is an abundent and exciting place anywhere - you just need to see it with fresh eyes.

Make the mindset change, don't overthink stuff, and just do it.

No more excuses. Make your own LOTTO success!



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