The Donkey Secret Behind Winning Lottery Numbers - And You'll Be Happy You Read This Explanation!

Not everyone likes being surprised by a donkey!

I was patting a donkey last weekend. It nuzzled against me, obviously happy to be the center of attention.

It was part of a mobile petting zoo visiting the rest home where my mother-in-law resides. And the family day was for people like my wife and I, but mainly for the grandchildren.

Dustin the donkey was well behaved, even to people who stood behind it. But I'm a little cautious about that, so I stayed away from the rear.

Here's why not getting kicked by the donkey reminded me about winning the lottery...

Most lottery players who don't use my systems give up before they start. That's because they keep getting told how impossible the odds of winning are.

There are even sites which let them calculate the impossible odds for themselves.

They're told the odds of winning are:

  • Higher than getting struck by lightning 
  • Once every 268,920 years (for the 649 game)
  • Higher than getting kicked by a donkey (unless you own a donkey petting zoo!)

If you've ever clicked to the page where many lotteries show the odds of winning, I wouldn't be surprised if you've immediately thought of giving up.

You think that this huge odds ratio is stacked against you, and it will make it impossible to get a winning prize like the million dollar Powerball prize that Mary Gilmore (right) won.

Don't despair! It's not what it seems.

When you think about why the odds are so high, it's quite logical.

Let's say a lottery game with odds of 1 in 175,223,510.

Now here's the secret.

It only applies to one ticket only.

  • So if you bought two tickets, your odds would drop to half of that... about 87,611,755.
  • And if you bought four tickets, you're down to 21,902,938.

And so it goes on, right down to just 1:12.

So the more tickets you buy, the lower your odds become. But that could soon become very expensive.

Except when you play with my PRO Custom ProfilesThat's because PRO reduces that huge pile of tickets down to a small number of powerful numbers.

You can make those odds even better if you bought just 10 tickets using the Silver Lotto PRO Custom Profiles.

Your chances are ALWAYS improved with my system, well beyond what the official figures tell you.

That's why it's easy to get wins with the PRO Custom Profiles in any game, sometimes up to 98%. It's the reason I got 22 wins in one single game a short while back.

Go with PRO and forget the odds problem - or getting kicked by a donkey... they just doesn't apply to you!



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