YOU ALREADY KNEW IT: Nobody Tells You That You Don't Suit Money

You can not only buy the car of your dreams, but give your winnings away to a good cause! Photo

My wife looked at my new car dubiously when I brought it home a couple weeks back. I could tell she didn't like it, but she went for a ride anyway.

"What's not to like?" I asked her on the trip. It was a 2003 Mercedes with a powerful 5 litre engine. It rode smoothly. The interior looked like new, and the outside was in excellent condition.

I wanted to use it as a run-around, something I wouldn't worry about if it got banged up in the supermarket carpark.

A week later she declined to go for a ride with me, and I started to wonder.

Then she gave her reason.

"It's not the kind of car you would buy," she explained. "It just doesn't suit you."

I looked at the sleek silver (yes, silver) car and knew what my daughter had meant when I emailed her a photo, and she replied, "Mmmmm, a change from what you normally buy."

My other daughter was less polite. "Don't like it," she said dismissively.

This was a sedan, a four seater, and very ordinary looking. My cars in the past 15 years had been mainly sports cars, most of them quite exotic. Even my rain cars - the SUVs I bought to use to keep the mileage low on the exotics - were high end Lexus or Range Rovers.

I'll tell you what I did about the situation in a minute.

But their reaction got me thinking.

Nobody says that about money.

Nobody tells you that a vast sum of money 'doesn't suit you.'

Because money suits everyone.

The joy of winning means that you can use your wealth to buy what does suit you.

And the possibilities are endless, of course. If you don't like something, you can change it. - instead of being locked into your present life.

Our 7 year old Italian dishwasher was fine last year, but it had a couple of nicks in the top I didn't like looking at.

So I bought another, identical. Newer, fresher, but it operates exactly the same as the old one. That's the power of money and choice.

I went back into the car dealer a week ago. I had seen a drop-dead gorgeous Mercedes sports car in glossy black.

Since it was very similar to one I'd owned a couple of years back the buying process was quick.

The boring saloon was gone and the gleaming convertible was mine half an hour later.

The response from the family was immediate. That's much better, they all said. I gently reminded that I didn't buy it for them, and that 2 seats were less practical than the 4 seater I had traded.

But they saw the better match.

When you have the ability through the lottery to change things, you can. That's why I promote winning the lottery to as many people as I can, because the flexibility you gain by having money is a fantastic advantage.

And it's not only for fancy cars or home appliances either.

I can give away money at will and it benefits others immediately.

The other week I gave a thousand dollars anonymously to someone needy who was suffering from the Xmas squeeze. I got more joy out of that than buying an expensive car!

And it's easier to give away wealth when you have so much you don't notice it. Imagine saving up your wages for months to get $1,000 to give away. It's simply not the same.

If nothing else this year, you must do everything in your power to improve your winnings. Look back at the last post to see how I do it.

Copy me. It's simple.



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