REVEALED: What The Wealthy Car Dealer Told Me That Helps You Win Lottery

Audi is even popular in China.

I was driven home recently by the CEO of a prestige car dealership I often bought from. And we got talking.

Then he made a really interesting statement.

He said because his company sold upmarket automobiles, he often saw buyers who were top of their game... CEO's, business owners, investors.

And do you know what surprised him most?

"I get to see a lot of personal financial statements from buyers," he said, as he weaved round the corners of my private road in the new Audi saloon.

"And what surprises me most is how two people in the same kind of business can have real different incomes."

What he was kindly stating was... that in any job or business, there are winners and losers.

I'm always interested in winners, so I asked him what he thought the answer was.

"Longevity," he answered without hesitation as he pulled up outsde my place, and turned to look at me directly.

"The guys with the money have been in business for many years. The others have chopped and changed and never got as far."

And in the years of reading and talking to people who deal with wealthy buyers, I believe this is the answer to why winners, in all areas of life, succeed.

 The answer is simply this: They stuck to their game.

They have taken one area of life that they are good at, and relentlessly kept at it.

When times are tough, they simply redouble their efforts. At the time when most people give up, these super-winners redouble their efforts.

There are no 'overnight successes.' The successful have usually been battling on for years - decades even, before their efforts pay off.

And of course, lotto's no different.

The winners in any lottery game are the persistent players who never give up.

Most of us want instant riches. The reality is that it takes consistent effort to get there.

But every time you play your game, your perseverance increases, and the more likely you are to win.

As I waved and watched the sleek black Audi disappear down the road, I thought to myself - I must tell my Silverites this revealing story.

So here it is.

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