A NEW YEAR: And Amazingly Cheap Solution To Better Lottery Winning

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This afternoon Jack was proposing what he called a revolutionary idea for a better life.

"Ok," he said, as we settled down on the outdoor furniture, clutching a cool glass of orange each, "here's how it works."

He said we should be given all the money we earn in a lifetime - at birth, all at once.

Then we have it when we need it, instead of running out as we get older.

"That means we can buy a mortgage-free home in our teens, and also buy the cars, boats and fancy bling we'll get over our lifetime to enjoy right away."

Jack took a sip and paused for breath.

"We need less stuff as we age, so it all balances out."

"What do you think?" he asked.

Of course, it wouldn't work.

Most people would spend it in the first few years and have nothing left later. Happens with any large sum, including the lottery.

But there is another way to duplicate the idea at any stage of life, as we all know.

Win the lottery.

But there's another problem that ocurrs at the beginning of a new year... and we're all fired up to makeitr the best it can be.

Except that Xmas has taken a chunk out of our spendables.

In other words, many of us are broke right now and can't afford to play.

So it's important to spend our money wisely, and that's what I developed LottoPredict to do.

It tells you when to play with the Silver Lotto System, and when to save your money. And all for less than 7 bucks a month.

Most people don't believe that you can get good value in anything for such a small price. But my theory is that by making the price attractive, I can attract more people.

More eyes means the cost goes down, a lot.


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