RESULT: I Asked This Searching Lottery Question And Got An Amazing Response

A few posts ago on this Lotto Life blog I asked an interesting question. I put it in the form of a poll.

I asked: Will You Play More Lottery Games? (Now closed)

The answers were a surprise. But a good surprise.

Nearly two-thirds of you are going to increase the number of games you play this year.

And a third were not.

So most of our players are going all out to make this year a winner.

Now, the other third may have good reasons for not increasing their play. Maybe they're playing the maximum number of games already.

Maybe circumstances have changed and they're cutting back.

But it's good to know that MORE Silverites are planning to increase their playing time - because this is one of the 3 crucial secrets of the Silver Lotto System.

1. Play more games

2. Play more tickets in each game

3. Never give up!

Most people say when they see the Silver Lotto System for the first time they get confused. They seem to think they need to spend large amounts on tickets.

Some of them write to me and say they can't afford it. But the fact is that you only need $10 a game to be ahead when you use the Silver Lotto System.

And if you combine it with LottoPredict you get greater leverage for your money.

So you can spend less than $7 a month on membership and really power up your game.

Hi Ken,

Your lottery system is a great success with me. Last week I won $21,060 and some change :) The best part was that I have never won anything in my life before this, and have wasted thousands on other useless programs.

Kim S. (sea*********