How Looking To Buy An Aircraft Changed My Life Overnight

Will there be a flying car like this one in my future? Photo

Yesterday I travelled up country to look at buying an aircraft. I wanted a challenging hobby, and getting back to flying seemed like a good idea.

And besides, since I'm retired I need something to look forward to and stimulate my brain.

But it didn't turn out that well.

The aircraft was tired and uncared for, and the test flight made me nervous more than happy - even though we flew over some pretty exciting scenery. That's a view out the window in the pic below.

So I sat down last night and thought about my life and what I wanted out of it.

And you know, the most important thing - that gets me up and going every day - is the thought of helping someone win the lottery.

When I received the email from our $22 million 1st division winner last month, I was on the phone immediately to our family and friends to spread the good news.

In fact I was probably more excited than the winner... if that's possible!

While it is the biggest win till now, we get many wins from the System.

In fact, I get so many each day that I just can't find the time to put them up on our winner's board. 

So I thought to myself - I'm passionate about this... instead of flying round the country or taking up fencing or pottery, why can't I devote more time to getting more winners?

And so today, that's what I have decided I'm doing. Watch this space...there's a lot happening!