Should You Play When The Lottery Jackpot Hits A Record High?

There's an important message in this chart which will tell you whether you should play the big jackpots or not.

In 2013 the US Powerball rolled over to $133 Million, and got many millions of players imagining what they can spend the winnings on.

Trouble is, the large jackpot has also attracted massive numbers of wild-eyed players, all queuing to spend their housekeeping on a wad of tickets.

Should you continue to play when there's so much competition?

Or will your chances of winning drop?

There's a few things you should know about big stake games.

When you get many millions of players all taking multiple tickets, the chances of winning number duplication gets greater.

In the 2012 record $656 million jackpot Mega Millions game, 651,915,940 tickets were sold.

There's a limited number of number combinations.  For example, you have a 1 in 175,711,536 million chance for getting the Mega Millions jackpot. So each winning number will be duplicated some 3.72 times.

That means there are going to be several winners with the same number. The Mega Millions 2012 jackpot was won and shared by three players.


Does it matter at this size of the prize? You can argue that the jackpot split three ways will give each player $218 million, which is plenty enough.

And you would be right. Most players would be happy with that amount.

There's another reason for going for the larger jackpots, and it's this. Few big win games have more than 4 players sharing the jackpot.

You can see that in the 20 record breaking games shown in the chart above. Here's the breakdown of the numbers of shared prizewinners:

No shared winners : 11 games

Two shared winners : 5 games

Three shared winners : 3 games

Four shared winners : 1 games

It shows there are more winners who do not share their prize, and only one game where 4 shared the jackpot.

The verdict? Play the big games if you are hoping for a jackpot. But there is one big disadvantage with them...

The higher numbers in each game keep the odds high. Your chances of winning are less in these big games.

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