This Tip Gives The Biggest Boost To Winning You Can Ever Make

My home office view with its rain-speckled window.

The rain is pouring down down the windows in my office. But I don't mind. It's warm and cosy here.

I'm working my way through my NumberCheck service for Silver Lotto Members. I've been well behind because it is a labor intensive procedure, and I haven't found anyone who can do it for me.

But now that I have 70 or 80 completed, I'm starting to notice a definite pattern emerging.

And it is quite exciting.


Because it sets out the secret for getting better winning results.

And I'm going to reveal it here. The best part is at the bottom of this article.

Actually, a lot of it is common sense, but it's amazing how many players will ignore - or simply won't follow the correct way to get wins.

What I found for general play was this...

1. Most players play too often.
I've had some who play 5 games a week. Not only is it expensive for them, but it is casting the net too wide. They should concentrate on one game, focus on it and play it properly.

2. Many winners simply don't use enough tickets.
I'm talking 3-5 tickets here, a few buck's worth that some of the players use. They will get nowhere long-term with this amount. But before anyone remembers that I've said you can play with just $10-12, it's true - you can. But you'll get better results the more tickets you play.

3. They spread too wide with both games and tickets.
If you can learn anything from my NumberCheck experience, do this: play fewer games, and use more tickets. That's all.

Here's an interesting thing also...

If you play the USA Megabucks Plus, I've just released the PRO Custom Profiles for this game.

Or if you are a Silver Lotto Member, just go to the PRO menu tab and you can buy it straight away.


I have divided my afternoons up for the next month or so, and I'm working on completing all the games into PRO Custom Profiles.

At the moment I have 43 games to go out of the 117 listed in LottoPredict.

It's a lot of work, but the results are worth it.

And here's the best part...

In the NumberCheck service I'm doing, I got a real surprise when I saw this pattern...

Almost all the regular winners were using PRO Custom Profiles!

Read that again.

The players with just the Silver Lotto System had fewer wins, and their wins were smaller.

It just confirms the power of PRO! If you are not using PRO, you should seriously consider adding it.

Because once you have a LottoPredict subscription and PRO Custom Profiles, you're set. Just play till you win your retirement dream!