8 Somewhat Useless Questions You've Never Asked Me

A Canada 649 lotto ad about surfing. Now there's a question I can answer...

I get a lot of questions and emails from Silverites. But no-one asks me about the unimportant things.

So here's a few weird facts you probably haven't thought to ask me:

Q: Has your wife ever choked on food?
A. Funny you should ask me that. Once, in 2013. She sent me this text when she and my daughter were vacationing in Fiji for a week. This is what happened...

Q. Why did you stay home?
A. I don't like the tropical heat. And I love my work... so it meant getting a lot done in a quiet house.

Q. What did you accomplish while your wife was away?
A. I completed part of a long project - getting more PRO custom profiles made. I'm now only a few weeks away from finishing research for PRO on most of the 117 game days listed in LottoPredict.

Q. One testimonial of yours says they won $537,000 which he said was a sixth share of the jackpot. But the headline says it was $3.2 million. Explain that.
A. Simple, a win is always about the numbers that get the jackpot. That's what he would have won all by himself, but of course 5 others had the same numbers and he had to share the prize. However there's no disputing his ticket using my System won the prize, shared or not. Not everyone loses their share, thank goodness... for example our $22.2 million Oz Lotto winner took home the whole amount.

Q. What's the weather like right now?
A. Rain is bucketing down. But I enjoy the kind of weather that keeps me indoors because I get a lot done. There's nothing worse than sitting in front of a computer inside with sunny surfing weather going on.

Q. Are you a surfer?
A. No. Just sounded cool to say it. Frank Kern, a famous internet marketer, is a surfer. I'm jealous because he has all the fun at the beach while nerds like me have to work.

Q. What's been the highlight of your year?
A. There's been many of them. It sounds corny to say this, but I get a real buzz out of seeing my Silverites win. Even a $100 win is a breakthrough for many of them because for the first time they're actually getting results. I love this business!

Q. Why did you change from selling your System in an ebook to a membership site?
A. That's not interesting enough for this post! But I'll answer anyhoo. Convenience and security. A lot of people weren't able to download the ebook for various reasons. So the member site has made it easier for everyone to see the System without all the hassle, and of course they never lose the ebook either - another big problem a lot of my past buyers had. And the information is always up to date. Oh, and security. My ebook was getting downloaded (grrrr!) at some places over the net, depriving me of a rightful living. Thankfully most of those old ebooks are out of date so it's no big loss now.

Q. Is this a 9th a bonus question?
A. No, I'm done. Just buy the System and get on with winning!


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