80 Year-Old Reinforces A Lottery Lesson About Striving

Are you a strive and seeker?... it's the way to win big like this $40 million Lotto Max winner.

Got an email from Henry this morning: "Ken, I can't figure out how to get into your member site. I'm over 80 and I'm ready to give up."

He said he was too old to understand how it all worked.

"Well Henry," I replied, "you just enter the password in the box from the email you were sent, and you are in. Just like that. Takes a couple of seconds."

More problems ensued. But I gave him a lot of help and it finally worked for him - but not after he was ready to give up several times.


Henry is not a striver.

I'm expecting another another email from him saying: "Ken, I played one ticket for one game and didn't win the jackpot so I'm giving up."

There's nothing I can do about it. Except learn from it. And become more determined to be a strong striver to help other strivers.

Because strivers always win in the end.

I'm a big-time striver. When the world says jump, I ask - how high. (Oh, and it'll cost if you want to photograph me doing it. Gotta get recompensed for my effort!)

Long ago I learned that certain qualities make people winners. Not only in lottery, but in all parts of life. And striving is one of these special qualities.

Some people, including me, call it persistence. The act of keeping going until victory is achieved.


There are countless success stories about Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Colonel, Tesla electric cars and Elon Musk, Virgin commercial space trips and Richard Branson. I don't need to give examples of super winners in those fields.

Instead, I'll tell you about me, and how I turned from a mediocre nobody to a successful entrepreneur.

My secret? All I had to drive my strive was fear.

I had maybe some talent, but not much more than anyone else. Mostly it has been the fear of failure and persistence which has driven me to success.

Maybe I could have gone further if I had thought more about succeeding. Fear is a negative quality. But by golly it's a powerful motivator.

The fear of being broke is the best kick up the backside anyone can have. And it makes you try. And try. And try again.

You try until you break through the barriers.


For half my life I was a meek, pleasant fellow, good company most the time. Not lacking ambition, but not having a direction to use it.

Then I struck gold. Against immense odds I started a couple of community newspapers.

To fund the first one I worked for almost a year doing night shift in a photo processing factory. Agony... 8pm to 6am. Slept during the day, hardly saw my family... a pattern that was to continue for years while I continued to put the hard yards into the newspaper business.

I strived. The rewards came.

Then 15 years later the economic climate changed and I was sucked out of my comfortable life and kicked onto the street, left with nothing. Actually, minus nothing. I owed the goverment.

So I strived again.

The lottery was my salvation. To win, I played not one game on paper - but hundreds, for a couple of years. Each time I found ways to improve.

I kept striving and getting better results.


After a few years I bought my first Bentley. Hey, this was fun.

Now I'm striving in a different way. Instead of criticizing Henry for his problem, it's my purpose to help others unlike him who are striving to win.

And to do that I'm upping my game.

A confession... in the past I've not managed my customer support very well. Emails went missing because I wasn't clear about how they should be answered, and my filters weren't set right.

But I've changed things.

And I'm striving now to give the best support possible now so that I can make more winners out of my System users, my faithful Silverites.

For a while now I've been answering support emails within hours, and usually within 24 hours. Every one. Some I give short answers to, some I give more detail.

I can tell which questions are written by strivers who are not quitters. They get the best response from me.


Over the next year I've got a lot planned to help strivers win more. But I recognize that each day has to show value, and I have to give value. I'm striving to follow through daily.

All I ask is that you follow my example. Don't give up.

Don't quit the System. If you're not having the kind of luck I get, then there are a number of ways I can help you. Just ask at the HELP menu above.

And I'm always here to help wherever I can... you are not alone.

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