A QUESTION: Can You Pay The Real Price Of Winning?

Yesterday I struck fear into the hearts of every Silver Lotto System buyer-to-be.

OK, maybe not fear. Perhaps I got them a little worried by mentioning an upcoming price rise.

But the fact is, winning the lottery is about paying... but a different kind of price.

To explain, let me tell you I read a lot about why certain people are successful. Just now I read a great article in the Huffington Post by James Clear about how only a few will achieve greatness.

And this is the secret he revealed about these rare winners...

He said the super successful have an ability to do the work that others find boring. They accomplish more than the rest of the world because they are willing to do daily what most others find arduous.

And the winners keep going - even when the going gets tough.


I call it Player Persistence with lottery players.

It is the biggest success trait anyone can have, lottery player or not.

For example, I've written articles like this one daily for years and years. Each day, with only a few breaks, I've written constantly about winning and how to get the most from your game. And the result of my writing is that thousands of lottery players are now winners.

Persistence pays off.


Now, the 'price' I talk about is not only about you being able to afford to play each game. It's more than that.

It is the ability to persist through the no-win times. And there will be a few of those.

Even though I believe my System is the best in the world for achieving wins frequently and often, a small part of winning is chance and luck too.

But if it wasn't a combination of luck and persistence, we'd all be zillionaires... an impossible dream.

The players who do achieve the best results are the persistent. That's the price of lottery success.


Can YOU pay the price? Have you got the persistence and stickability to make the System pay off?

  • Do you buy and keep the System, and keep using it until you win?
  • Do you play with intelligence...by using the LottoPredict and PRO custom profiles to increase your win chances?
  • Do you play frequently with more than $10 a game, knowing that each dollar you spend massively increases your win chances?

If you do, you're unique among players. You deserve to win.


How To Start Winning:
Buy the Silver Lotto System - your first step.
2. Buy the Lotto-80 and LottoPredict to know when to play.
3. Get the PRO Custom Profiles to help you get the highest odds from every game.

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