I Paid A Fortune For This Magic Box [And Never Regretted It]

I pressed the door buzzer. As I waited I looked at the house, an elegant two storey home at the end of a cul de sac filled with similar expensive houses.

Audis and Mercedes dotted the driveways.

A man opened the door. Studious, with glasses, he was dressed casually in a bright red polo shirt. He directed me to sit in the lounge while he retrieved the item I had come for.

As I sat amongst antique furniture, silver picture frames and looked out at an expansive lawn with mature trees, I knew this expensive purchase would go well.

I was in Britain visiting my family, and it was nearly fifteen years ago.

The trip in my rental car had taken me almost three hours with a map. Lots of stops and parking while I consulted the paper map. The route was complicated.

I hoped the return journey would be half that time.


Because I had come to buy a magic box... one of the first Navman road GPS units with UK mapping. I was going to use it to get around the English countryside without worry.

And it was costing me an eyewatering $2,600.

But I was gladly paying this vast sum for the convenience of moving around a strange country like a native driver.

At the time the Navman was so new that this was the only agent in UK, and he operated from his home selling by direct mail. I didn't have time to wait for it to be posted, so I was collecting it in person.

When I bought it, I was selling my Silver Lotto System for $197 US.

Over the next 15 years the Navman dropped to around $250.

My Silver Lotto System followed the trend, dropping to a recent $29.95 over the years.


And here's the surprise twist... instead of dropping it further like everything else, I'm putting the price up.

I'm doing that because my System has become more effective over time with all the research.

And unlike gps and phones - I have no competition. There are a couple of other systems out there, but I happen to know they are useless and ineffective. Others are direct copies of mine - one illegally so.

I'm also bucking this trend to cheaper prices because of this simple fact - the fewer players using my product, the better. It means less prizes that will be shared.

I consider this such an important part of my future strategy that I can only see prices rising to prevent its popularity.

The moral of the story - there's never a better time to buy than now. Because in hours it will rise, when I finish my tests.

Original buyers needn't worry - you still get to use my products at the price you originally paid... you're locked in for as long as you keep your subscription. The increase is for new buyers only. 

And yes, my trip back from the Navman reseller took a third the time to get there, about 45 minutes. What a difference!

And for the first time, driving in unfamiliar country I felt confident and relaxed.

Just like my Silver Lotto System, it was a worthwhile investment.


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