The Foolproof Aston Martin Method To Win The Lottery: The Before, During, After Steps

An Aston Martin DB7 like the one I looked at. Photo

I almost bought an Aston Martin up-country a few years back. Now, whatever I buy, I do all my purchases the same way... with structured Before, During and After steps.

Before I start seriously looking, I decide what model I want. The Aston Martin DB7 was attractive and appealing, and I had wanted one for some years after seeing the early James Bond films.

Then I invested during the research period and spent some serious investigating money. I found the color and specs I wanted in another city, and paid $600 to fly and get a cab to the owner's house.


In a minute I'll tell you about a strange coincidence involving his home.

Then I did a test drive. While I liked this model a lot, the condition wasn't great (they never tell you that in the ad or on the phone), and it was a little cramped. So I passed.

But after the exercise I learned a lot about Astons, and eventually bought a better model, the Vanquish you see in my website. I was very happy with that buy.

The steps I took in this appraisal were all quite normal. Everything has a price in time or money, and you can't escape having to do your homework.

There's no real shortcut to getting the best.

Winning the lottery or getting 9 wins in out of every 10 games as I do requires a similar set of steps to succeed. Here's a breakdown of what you need to start winning my Aston Martin way:


- The game you choose will make or break your win success rate. It's very important to select a game with the lowest number of balls and numbers. Ideally you should look for a game with 5 or 6 balls and less than 45 numbers to get maximum leverage.

You can see the best games shown with a 3-star rating in the LottoPredict chart. You can play the 1-star games shown there, but the odds are much higher and time taken to win could be longer.

Generally the one-star games also have the highest jackpots, so you need to weigh up whether you take the risk or not.

- Has the game changed numbers recently, like the USA Mega Millions or USA Powerball? Check that the odds are still working in your favor. Most games increase their numbers or balls, and try and retain players by offering a higher prize structure. My advice - stick to the low ball numbers.

- Are your numbers on your ticket correct? Once or twice a week I get emails from Silverites asking advice on filling out their tickets, and when I check their procedures I see they have misunderstood the Silver Lotto System instructions - as easy as they are.

Get a Number Check done first as a safeguard. It's a free service available through your Silver Lotto membership site.


- Through NumberCheck I have found that many players make two important mistakes when they play.

(1) They play too often, mostly 2 games a week. A few play more, but all players are mistaking more games for more win opportunities. This is not correct.

(2) While playing often is not a bad thing - frequency is always something I recommend - unfortunately they also play with too few tickets. The combination is fatal. Instead, play10-20 tickets in one game, that is the minimum they should be playing.

- If you can afford to play twice a week with 20 tickets each time, the better strategy is to play once a week with 40 tickets. That's how the Silver Lotto System is designed, and how it works best.

- If you play close to the game's deadline, check that you have time to meet the current game. There have been cases where a jackpot worth millions of dollars were lost because the winner played several minutes late and got the next week's game instead of the current one.


- Always have your tickets checked by machine. Don't take the risk of missing a number and throwing away a fortune.

- Don't throw away your tickets. Keep them for at least a year, or the maximum time a game will allow you to collect a prize. You never know - maybe your partner had the tickets checked, but took the wrong ones by mistake. There could be many reasons to revisit your tickets, so don't be left stranded by not retaining them.

And here's the strange twist I was talking about earlier with this Aston Martin visit.

Before I booked the flights, out of curiosity I looked up the owner's house on Google Street View to take a look at the area. Before spending the upfront travel money I wasn't going anyplace that looked shady.

I found the property. And believe it or not, in the picture there was the owner (with blurred face) washing the Aston in his driveway. It's the first photo of its kind I've seen on Street View - now that's a real coincidence!

Ken, I still cannot figure out how you do it!! For the past month I was winning moderate sums (about $30,00 to 40,00) in accordance with the LottoPredict (Lotto-80) results I looked at each time. Then this week I got $24,000 and this amount is not as large as some your winners but it was an unbelievable result for me and my family. Thanks and I'll continue to believe! Grant S.