Weird Stuff You Need To Know Today

I get some strange questions at times, so here's some answers to 5 of them that you've probably wondered about at some point.

(Hint - the second-to-last question is a real eye-opener if you've ever wondered if anyone calls my System a scam).


A. Ken, I can't find your newsletter in my Gmail inbox.

If you're using Gmail as your email, it has probably gone to the Promotions tabs in your new setup.

So here's how to move my newsletter from your Gmail Promotions tab to your Primary one:

1. Click on the Promotions tab
2. Drag our email to the Primary tab
3. Click "Yes" when asked if you want future emails to go into Primary inbox.

Easy as that.


B. I'm worried about my credit card security if I buy from you.

A lot of people don't use their credit cards on the net. They think someone will grab all their bank details and clear their balance out. Well, it's impossible because the banks fully guarantee their cards.

But here's the only time it might happen. I got an email order yesterday with the full credit card number in the text. Now that's asking for trouble.

So take notice of these two tips:

  • Don't ever put your card details anywhere in an email.
  • Only put your card details in an order form where you see a padlock in the address bar at the top of your browser.

We've used a local company called Corporate Connect since 1999 to process your cardit cards. Not a single payment has been lost or security compromised by them over all those years. Not one.

You can check with them and ask about me. And you'll be very reassured that your precious card details are safe.


C. Will you ever accept checks as payment?

I used to, but our banks are cracking down on overseas checks so I don't take any checks at all.


But I can take cash, only in US dollars. Before you send them off, here's the crazy thing you should know - my bank won't take damaged notes. If there is a split or too many wrinkles, they say no and give the note back. My loss. It is a LOT of time and effort to get the buyer to send new money again, so if you do want to pay by cash, make sure the notes are crispy new.

I suggest you register the payment too, so you'll have a receipt if your money goes astray. However it is pretty rare - I can't recall anything being lost in the post, registered or not. And send me an email before you send any money so I can make sure your payment is tracked and traced.

Send your cash in US dollars ONLY, together with product you want to buy:

Ken Silver
PO Box 22-183



D. Ken, I see some people are calling your system a scam. Should I still buy it?

I'm insulted that some folk think that. I would not have spent 24 years of my precious and irreplaceable life promoting anything dubious if this were true.

There are a lot of inaccurate statements out there about my System... some of them written by important-sounding people (or 14 year old kids) with so-called logical arguments. But they're all rubbish.

To refute some of the extraordinary negative claims they make about my System, I wrote some answers here:

Read it and make your own mind up. And be prepared for some tough but truthful statements from me!


E. Time for some Good News

My member site is easy and fast to join!I've signed up for 6 membership site over the last few years, and you know what -  they were ALL difficult to subscribe to.

They involved many unecessary steps... check this box, click a link and get an email, and in this recent instance, w-a-i-t a long time for the upgrade I paid for.

Now it's an hour later and I'm still waiting. It should be instant.

Compare my experience with signing up to my own Silver Lotto Membership Site... there's just one single-page form, then you hop over to your email inbox to get the password waiting for you.

Easy. No waiting - it's almost instant. And no double sign-ins or other longwinded steps that make your head spin. 

When I changed my System from an ebook to a membership site a couple of years back, I made sure it was going to be the easiest you could ever use. And happily it's proven to be just that. 

1. Get the System with LottoPredict
2. Add PRO Custom Profiles