I Get A Shocking Surprise With My Lotto Predictions

You can play Oregan Lottery's Mega Millions with LottoPredict and maybe pull in a million dollars like the Gunn family here. Photo

As I was finishing up the LottoPredict results a while back, I happened to take a look at an early page, done maybe 5 years ago.

It was a real shock to see how few green Yes's and red No's were showing up back then.

Compared to today's site, it looked a bit bare with a lot of orange 'in-between' squares.

The LottoPredict site today is heavy with green and red squares - a much better result.

Why is this?


What has happened is that my accuracy has risen by many times. It's been improved with all the additional research and experience I've gained through the years.

The result is that I'm able to predict exact games with far more accuracy than ever before.

And it shows.

If you ever wanted to know what your next step was after buying the Silver Lotto System, this is it.

LottoPredict is a $11-a-month subscription web page, and it is accessed from inside your Silver Lotto Membership Site.

It shows the coming week right through to Sunday.


To use it is incredibly simple. Just select your game from the list of countries, then see what the prediction shows... YES for play, NO for don't play and for save your money.

And also orange 25%, 50% and 75% boxes where you choose yourself whether you want to go ahead.

But using your LottoPredict subscription with your PRO Custom Profiles is even better.

Instead of using the red & green squares, you use one of 4 custom profiles. LottoPredict tells you which one.

That means you don't have to wait till next time if the game is a NO. With PRO custom profiles you'll get the same results as a YES whenever you play.

You can check your LottoPredict subscription anytime you want, whether to look up a game now or later in the week.

It's an absolutely essential part of the Silver Lotto System.


If you're a Silver Lotto Member, just log in, then go along to the LOTTOPREDICT tab and order your subscription there.

Or if you haven't got the Silver Lotto System, you can order both together here: LottoPredict.